Top Five Least Favorite Holidays

14 Feb

5. Saint Patrick’s Day
This holiday celebrates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. That’s cool for those in Ireland to celebrate it, it’s cool for the Irish to celebrate it, but it’s become an excuse for those of us in the United States to get drunk. Like many holidays, the real reason behind it has been lost.

4. Labor Day
It’s a good thing to have – a day celebrating the contribution of workers to the economy and society. How many people would know what its for if you asked them? Not many people I know. It’s just another day off.

3. Saint Valentine’s Day
This holiday has very little to do with Saint Valentine, nor the Christian martyrs named Valentinus. It’s a commercialized holiday; you can tell your significant other and/or those whom you love for any number of reasons you love them only once a year?

2. Sweetest Day
From what I understand, most people whom I go to college with haven’t heard of this, so maybe it’s just something in my native area, but it’s like a miniature Valentine’s Day, therefore, my same reasons for disliking it stand.

1. Groundhog’s Day
Does this need an explanation? A groundhog seeing its shadow or not determines when spring arrives? And wouldn’t it make more sense if when it was sunny spring would come early? I know his shadow “scares him back in his hole” but to me sunny would mean an early spring, but I’m from Northeastern Ohio, I live a three minutes’ drive away from the beach (when I’m not on campus in Kentucky). You don’t see much sun from October to April.

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