Let’s talk eReaders.

15 Feb

I distinctly remember the first Kindle commercial I saw, bragging about how there was no glare if you wanted to read it outside. I scoffed and said if I wanted to read something without a glare outside, I’d just take a book. I love the feel of a book, being able to see how far through the book I am, and yes, getting to smell the pages (if you’ve never smelled a book, next time you pick one up, stick your nose to it and inhale). This Christmas, I received a Kindle 4 from my brother, as my mother had surprised the family (okay, my niece and me – everyone else had to take off work and had to know) with a trip to Walt Disney World, and he thought it would be nice to travel with instead of a book. From the airport we flew out of, Orlando is approximately two hours away, so begrudgingly I packed my Kindle (along with a novel my best friend had bought me for Christmas) for the flight. The Kindle did not score any points in my book when, after its first charging, it barely lasted twenty minutes into the flight, I still much preferred my books. After I charged it back at the hotel while we were out, I started using it a little more, and I’d fiddle with it before bed; eventually I found a book that I wanted to read at half the price of the paperback – The Hunger Games. I bought it, and actually started seeing some benefits of the Kindle – it saves money if you can find a book that is significantly less in electronic format. Reading on it was pretty easy, and I found that once I got home, it fit in my purse better than a big novel did (I’m a fan of thick books). A week or so later, I discovered that there are websites dedicated to finding Amazon.com’s free books; I’ve subscribed to eReaderIQ.com and I get a daily email with books that are free (I’m not here to advertise, but once you figure out the site, it has some other nice features, too, like emailing you when books on your wish list are reduced to a certain price). My Kindle now holds around eighty books; it’s like having a virtual library at my fingertips. I’ve read a lot of books I wouldn’t have paid for, and discovered some authors I had never heard of whom I really like. I think I’ve paid for five books on my Kindle, tops. The rest have all been free from Amazon. With so many, I have organized them into categories by genre, I just wish I could organize the genres alphabetically (anyone know how to?). Like I said, it’s my own miniature library at my fingertips. Don’t get me wrong, I still prefer a book physically in my hands, but if you travel a lot, are a student (some textbooks are drastically reduced on eReaders, and they have highlighting features!), or received one as a gift, they aren’t horrible. I’ve actually grown to like mine. Oh, and it has a web browser, too! And if you’re looking for cute covers, check out Etsy; there are a ton of people who make excellent cases for reasonable (and some not so reasonable) prices. My mom, sister, and I all have cases from My Butterfly Dreamz and they’re excellent quality and fit nice and snugly. If you don’t see something you like or that fits your device, but you like her stuff, shoot her a message; mine was custom made.

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