Wow, what a day.

18 Feb

This morning, I woke up to my phone ringing (okay, vibrating) and my best friend and roommate’s dad was calling. I handed her the phone, still groggy, and then heard her freaking out. Right as she hung my phone up, she received a text message from her dad and started swearing; her mom and dad had been in a wreck and their little Suzuki had flipped. They had been on a three lane road where they had two lanes and the other side was marked to be a “pass when clear” lane. A woman came flying around the coal truck, directly into their lane, and my best friend’s father managed to avoid hitting her head on. The speed limit in this area was 55 miles an hour, so he lost control, the car skidded, flipped on it’s side before reaching the side of the road with a fairly significant drop and landing on it’s roof. They were miraculously not seriously injured; her dad is pretty banged up, and her mom’s right hand is broken in two places, but all things considered, they are doing fine. The lady who caused this returned to the scene, stating that she wasn’t sure (as there hadn’t been a collision of two vehicles) if she was required to return, and insisted it wasn’t her fault, as she had every right to pass the coal truck in front of her. The cop did not seem to agree. Anyways, my best friend and I went to pick them up from the boondocks, and took care of what needed to be taken care of.

Here’s the image she received this morning:
Rest in peace, Little Red.
Image courtesy of my best friend, Crazy Beautiful Life

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