I am currently making blueberry handsoap with my best friend.

28 Feb

Using this tutorial from Savvy Housekeeping. We’ve added two bags of blueberry tea and we are currently waiting (impatiently on my part) for it to boil. However, the tea is steeping and turning the water darker. Why are we doing this you may ask? We’re both broke college students, and the only ones who provide hand soap for our bathroom. I bought three bars of soap for $1.25, and I already had the blueberry tea mix. I did not purchase glycerine (I repeat – I’m a broke college student). And here we go! It’s finally hot enough to start melting the soap.

So far we have discovered this:

  • The soap took less than three minutes to grate.
  • Our water (due to the blueberry tea and our cheap Ivory soap I’m assuming) is a murky brown instead of the pretty red it was with just the tea.
  • We added two bars of soap because ours was so cheap.
  • Our soap chips would NOT melt if we took our water off of the heat.
  • We added soap chips little by little, and they took longer than a minute to melt, however our chips were a LOT larger than hers.
  • I plan on adding some vanilla to…enhance the scent, as the blueberry has faded to the background, and blueberry vanilla soap sounds good.
  • It’s not difficult! I do have to let it sit some, so I will inform you tomorrow on how it goes…

Update: No matter how cheap your soap is, you do not need two bars. Our soap ended up looking like the consistence of a human brain. We’re going to heat it up again tonight, and add some more water…

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