Music Monday: The Battles Have Begun!

5 Mar

For a recap, this is my completed team. Those who are italicized have battled and moved on. Those who are struckout have left the show.

  • Chris Mann
  • Jamar Rogers
  • Angel Taylor
  • Jermaine Paul
  • Angie Johnson
  • Pip Andrew
  • Jordis Unga
  • Anthony Evans Jr.
  • Nicolle Galyon
  • Orlando Napier
  • Lee Koch
  • Wade Brown

Team Adam put two who are not on my team – Chris Cauley and Tony Lucca – against each other. Luckily, that means one more on Team Emily is safe. I love them both; it was a difficult choice, but I was glad to see Tony made it. Both men were very, very talented, though.

Team Blake also paired two who were not on my team – Adley Stump and RaeLynn Woodward. Once again, another slot on Team Emily is good to go. I don’t love RaeLynn’s voice – it’s not something I’d listen to on the radio, nor something I’d pick to win. I’m a little disappointed that she made it on, but she does have a more unique voice.

The second battle for Team Blake was Jordis Unga versus Brian Fuente. Honestly, I know Jordis is on Team Emily, but I’d like to see Brian win; he has a very strong voice. Unfortunately, I don’t think these two flattered each other in performance. It was a difficult performance to decide on, and not in a good way, but another on Team Emily moves on.

Team Christina put Chris Mann from Team Emily on the chopping block, along with Monique Benabou. Not only because he is on Team Emily, but simply because I prefer his voice over hers, I was glad to see that he moved forward.

Christina paired Anthony Evans Jr. against Jesse Campbell in the second battle round. This is difficult to choose. Both have wonderful reasons to be where they are, and both have great voices. I was a little sad to see Anthony go, but Jesse is good.

Team Cee Lo put Chessa against Team Emily’s Angie Johnson. I disliked Chessa’s initial performance, and she simply annoys me. Angie Johnson seems to be willing to fight back (maybe because she was in the military?), and I think she’s got a bigger chance of going further in a music career. This is the only battle round today that has really irked me. I strongly dislike Chessa, and I would have loved to see her go home.

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