Music Monday!

13 Mar

Those who are italicized have battled and moved on. Those who are struckout have left the show.

  • Chris Mann
  • Jamar Rogers
  • Angel Taylor
  • Jermaine Paul
  • Angie Johnson
  • Pip Andrew
  • Jordis Unga
  • Anthony Evans Jr.
  • Nicolle Galyon
  • Orlando Napier
  • Lee Koch
  • Wade Brown

Team Christina paired Geoff and Sarah. It was an excellent pair, though I greatly preferred Geoff. I was extremely disappointed that she chose Sarah, because while she’s good, I thought Geoff was a better all-round performer and with Sarah it just seemed like she was just competing.

Round two put Lindsey up against Team Emily’s Lee Koch. Both are very talented, though I was not surprised to see Christina pick Lindsey. She seems to pick the pretty females or the attractive males; she doesn’t seem to always base on talent. Team Emily is down another member.

Team Blake paired Lex against Charlotte, and honestly, I’m not a fan of either one of them. Personality wise, I prefer Lex, and I think I’d like to see her go on; listening to this battle, I preferred her voice, too. Again, I was disappointed with the choice made here.

Team Cee Lo put another Sarah together with Juliet. I do not like Juliet’s musical style, but I do admit that she’s good at what she does. Knowing Cee Lo, it wouldn’t surprise me if he went with Juliet, though I’d like to see Sarah go on – I prefer her voice, though Juliet is good at what she does, but I think she overdoes it sometimes. Sarah has more of a flexible voice; Juliet can only do one style. I was sad to see Sarah go, but its Cee Lo and I never agree with him.

Jamar and Jamie were the second group for Team Cee Lo tonight. Both are excellent, however, I love Jamar’s story, and I love his voice (hence why he’s on Team Emily). It was an excellent performance from both of them, though I was glad to see Jamar went on.

Team Adam paired Kim with Whitney together. I must say, I adore Kim’s voice. They’re both excellent, and I think it could be a hard choice for Adam. I think Kim’s biggest obstical is going to be pulling her voice in where it needs to be tamed, but Whitney is use to singing in a band. I loved hearing them both sing No More Drama. I think it was a brilliant performance, and I was glad to see Kim go on, though I think Whitney has an excellent career ahead of her still.

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