DIY Blotting Paper

21 Mar

My roommate and I have had this idea for a while now, and with the temperatures reaching the lower 80’s in here in Southern Kentucky, we decided it was time to give it ago. We’ve used coffee filters in crisis situations for a while, and it works wonders.

We picked up one pack of 200 coffee filters ($1.38), and two packs of travel size q-tips ($0.98 each). The only reason we bought two packs of q-tips was for each of us to a have a pack. Our pack of coffee filters was naturally divided into three sections, and I took about half of one of those and cut it in half, and then each half in half again (so basically I cut it into quarters). I then cut off the tips and the angled edges to make rectangle-ish papers to a size that would fit in the q-tip container. Ta-da! That’s it.

You could make the containers more personalized with stickers, or modpodge fabric or scrapbook paper on them, but I have none of that currently, and I don’t believe the paper would stick well, just some ideas. I do plan on adding a really cure sticker to the front (there’s a “Q-tips” thing embedded on it) when I manage to find a sticker I like, but other than that its done.

Edit: Click here to see the final product, sticker and all!


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