Drinks with Dad

9 Apr

First, let me apologize for not posting for a while. I’ve been very busy with classes and homework, and this past weekend I spent with my dad, whom I have not seen in a while, in Alabama.
Now, let me tell you what we did this Easter weekend!

Thursday night I made the drive down to Huntsville after my best friend and I had lunch, cleaned our dorm room, and packed for the weekend. It was great to get to catch up with him; we made plans for the weekend, played cards, and ran to Applebees for their late night half price appetizers. Just like ol’ times.

We were up early(ish) Friday morning, and ate at Kadie’s Bakery and Deli – if you’re ever in the Madison/Huntsville, Alabama area, you must stop here! It is delicious, and the bread and pastries and cookies are all so fresh (and made that morning!), and the meat isn’t the icky packaged store stuff. Their sandwiches seem a little high priced at first, but trust me, they are worth it! There is a ton of meat on the sandwiches, and they know what meats taste the best with other meats. When we finished up our early lunch, we went shopping for some things for my dad’s apartment. Unfortunately, the Kohls’ towels shredded in the washer, and the shower curtain we got from Target shrank, so the attached liner was about three inches longer than the curtain itself, and it was not designed to where you could just put the liner in the shower. We then headed North and visited Cathedral Caverns. Again, if you’re in the area, it is completely worth stopping at. It is a three-quarter of a mile guided tour through the cave that is almost completely natural, other than one passage, and that was only created as the natural entrance would flood with the rain, and Mr. Gurley, who had owned the cave for a long time, and created the first path through it, didn’t want a tour group getting trapped. When we got to the very back, all of the lights were shut off and the experience of utter darkness was amazing. The tour was very relaxing; we weren’t treated like a bunch of tourists and rushed through the cave, and we could take our time walking back on our own. Dad and I got to where we were behind most of the group, but ahead of our guide just enough to hear the silence of the cave. It was fantastic. We did get to see a bunch of small bats (I forget the exact breed) that are, unfortunately, at risk for white nose syndrome. When we finished with the tour, we browsed the gift shop, and my dad bought me a gem stone mining kt, where you dump the sand and the stones into a container and let the running water was the sand away. It was pretty fun, and I got way more gem stones than either one of us expected! He said he’d drill into one so I could make it into a necklace, but I forgot to leave one with him, so I’ll just have to wire wrap it. We then went to Macaroni Grill for dinner, and, as promised, he bought me a drink. We both had Italian Mojitos with our dinner, and it was excellent. We then browsed the nearby mall before heading back to the apartment, where we on Pirates of the Caribbean, and played cards.

We were up even earlier on Saturday, and after stopping at Ulta and Le Gourmet Chef, we drove up to Chattanooga, where we visited Ruby Falls. The wait was way too long to do more than one thing, so we took another cave tour. This one wasn’t as nice as the first one – this was a more tourist-y cave, and we were rushed through it. The underwater waterfall was beautiful, though. Oh, and if you didn’t know, it is “fed by rainwater, because whenever it rains, the waterfall gets bigger” as our tour guide said. Uhh…isn’t that what happens with every waterfall? Anyways, this was more man made, as the man who found the cave was actually drilling to find a lower cave that had been closed when the railway came through. We took an elevator 260 feet into the cave, and if you are claustrophobic I would not suggest this one. The elevator had a clear front and you got to see the rock you were descending into – it made me a little nervous! And then, at the deepest part of the cave, you were over a thousand feet under solid rock. The view from the top of Lookout Mountain was stunning, too. On the way back, we found an old barbeque restaurant my dad had been at years ago, and we stopped to eat. Yet another delicious place – RRR Barbeque.
We also dyed Easter eggs Saturday evening! We found this one way of doing it in Family Fun years ago, and if you’re like me, you’re wary of anything that magazine has to offer, but this actually works. Hard boil your eggs, and then once they have cooled, put a couple in a colander, and splash them with vinegar and gently agitate the colander so they are covered. Add a few drops of food coloring, agitate and let sit thirty seconds. Rinse off gently and add another splash of vinegar. Repeat until desired effect is achieved. The spots we’ve got just happened, we didn’t try for them! The one on the left is one of mine, and the one on the right is one of dad’s.

Easter Sunday, we made a late lunch of ham, homemade honey wheat rolls, sweet potato casserole, corn, and deviled eggs (my specialty). While the ham was cooking, and the rolls were raising, we sat out at the pool with our feet hanging in. It was incredibly relaxing, and I now have a decent tan started, haha. We played cards again before I headed back to school.

All in all, it was a great weekend, and I do miss my dad, so spending time with him was great.


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  1. jessielansdel April 9, 2012 at 3:16 pm #

    Sounds as though you had a lovely weekend with your dad. I love the cave photos. I remember some years ago visiting *Whitescar Caves* in Yorkshire and being absolutely bowled over by them. The sense of peace down there was incredible and they were huge. And when they turned the lights of the blackness was utterly impenetrable.
    Lovely post and mmmm, the deli sounds wonderful. If I’m ever lucky enough to visit the US that and the caves will be on my *must visit* list. 🙂

    • emilyelisabeth91 April 9, 2012 at 6:34 pm #

      It was excellent! The caves are so incredibly peaceful – I was a little claustrophobic in the second, but the first was wonderful. My eyes usually adjust to the dark very well – something I get from my dad – but neither one of us could see anything. It was wonderful.
      Kadies is my favorite down there! It’s a locally owned shop, and the owner and her niece are the only two who bake. It’s lovely. I’d suggest Cathedral Caverns over Ruby Falls if you’re in the Alabama/Tennessee area, simply because it wasn’t nearly as rushed!

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