On April 14, an Austin police officer shot and killed a man’s dog in front of him.

17 Apr

What happened? The officer went to the wrong address for a domestic abuse call. From the start, the officer was in the wrong; he didn’t double check where he was suppose to go to. When he got to the (wrong) address, the man, Michael Paxton, had been in his own backyard, playing frisbee with his dog, Cisco. He had came around front to receive something from his truck, when the officer held him at gunpoint. Cisco then came around to see what the commotion was, and like any good dog, he started barking at the officer that was there – the dog didn’t know him, and the officer was distressing his owner. The officer said “Get your dog” and before Mr. Paxton had any time to react, APD Officer Griffin shot Cisco in the chest, and immediately killed him.

This dog was NOT attacking the officer, he was merely doing what any good dog would – defending his owner. The owner was NOT given any amount of time to restrain his dog. And the officer is NOT under investigation. This is ridiculous. There was no need for this excessive force. The officer could have shot Cisco to injure him and prevent him from attacking, not that he had to shoot at all. There was no need to shoot to kill. And if he did not give the dog a chance, what would this officer do to a human? He needs to be investigated. Or in my opinion, lose his job. As Mr. Paxton said, “A dog’s going to bark to protect his owner, but that doesn’t mean you require deadly force.” There is a difference between barking and attacking. There is a difference between barking and a threatening stance. This officer needs to be held accountable.

If you, like me, are outraged by this, there is a Facebook page, a petition to sign, live interviews with Mr. Paxton, and the officer’s dash cam which, incidentally, everything happens off camera, to take part in to make sure there is justice for Cisco. You can also call the Austin Police Department at (512) 974-2000 or (512) 974-5000. And by clicking here, you can email ALL of the council members of Austin, Texas.

“I don’t have kids or much family. This dog was my child. He was intelligent, he was loyal, and he was well-behaved. He didn’t deserve what he got.” – Michael Paxton


4 Responses to “On April 14, an Austin police officer shot and killed a man’s dog in front of him.”

  1. jessielansdel April 17, 2012 at 11:46 am #

    That cop is obviously trigger happy and was all out to shoot someone/thing. Poor Cisco. Just doing his job and protecting his master. The bloody rotter should be held accountable and reprimanded and made to apologise. Unfortunately it won’t bring that poor dog back.

    • emilyelisabeth91 April 17, 2012 at 2:27 pm #

      I agree one hundred percent. No, it won’t bring the dog back, but something needs to be done. If it was a police K9, the person who shot it would be tried for murder, but a man’s four legged kid is shot and its “Oh well, too bad.”

  2. dribblingpensioner April 17, 2012 at 3:07 pm #

    Thats bloody cops for you, shoot first etc. he should be investigated

    • emilyelisabeth91 April 17, 2012 at 4:29 pm #

      They don’t plan on doing anything (as of now) other than the typical investigation they do when a weapon is fired. It’s an awful situation.

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