So, yesterday was Earth Day.

23 Apr

I made the day completely awesome by using my brand-new, made-by-myself, upcycled cassette wallet. I will have a tutorial on how I did this at a later date with pictures and all (I promised my bestie one). For now, here is an image of mine: 

It’s from a clear tape (that I painted over with a glittery gray nail polish I have) purchased for fifty cents, a zipper, upcycled fabric, and hot glue. I spent under two dollars on it, and the zipper was the most expensive part. I did, however, buy the longest zipper WalMart had to offer, because I didn’t want to get one too short. I learned for next time 🙂

I also found this awesome website called Treecycler. Join the website, like their FaceBook page, and get a code. With that code, you can’t “plant a tree” in ANY of their reforestation projects all over the globe. You will also be able to get codes from mail, products, and other places. I’m assuming this is newer, but I am not quite sure. Anyways, for each code, a tree will be planted “in your honor” and when it is planted, you will be able to view a copy of the certificate. I do believe that you will also be able to see updates on your tree!

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