Week one of my job down.

19 May

It’s honestly not too bad. There’s four of us who are there during the day. I pack shipments. I stock shelves. I design labels for catalogs. And today, as it was a slow day, I got to play with the puppy that my friend brought in. My friend is the one who actually got me the job, as it’s his family’s from what I understand. Honestly, I enjoy it. My feet hurt, as I’m not use to being on my feet for eight hours a day, and I’m tired at the end of the day, but it’s not too bad. I don’t have to socialize with people I don’t know or try to make awkward conversation, I just stay in the back and do my job. The first thing I’m buying off of my first paycheck? A new halter for my horse. It’s been a couple years since she’s had a new one, and I’d like to get her a nice one, as her’s is starting to fray. And then I’m saving up for a new cover for the bed of my truck, as mine is becoming a safety issue. The majority of the rest will be put up for school, and school books. And I’m trying to put a little up from each check for a new tattoo. We’ll see!

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