My horse and I went to our first horse show in three or four years yesterday.

1 Jul

And I would love to tell you about how we went into every one of our classes and cleaned house. But we didn’t. I took her in one class that we didn’t place in because I rushed through the pattern. The girl who has been riding her for me while I’m away at school got third out of three with her because she picked up the wrong lead, which she’s been doing for a while. It’s a new development, and it was fixed halfway around the arena, but the judge was looking at the wrong time.

And while we didn’t come home with a bunch of blue ribbons, I am so proud of my mare. She was an angel – she didn’t spook at anything, she didn’t jump when horses nearly ran into her, she didn’t pin her ears at anyone. She was simply wonderful for not being away from home in four years. I’ve seen horses at the barn that I board at that are at shows every weekend, and they bolt and kick and panic when they’re at a new place. She looked, but she didn’t panic. She could have been so much worse, but she was absolutely wonderful. It was a good experience all around for both of us, and I feel so much more confident with what I can do with her now.

At this fairgrounds, the warm up arena runs parallel, and right next to, a fairly busy road. Multiple large trucks drove down it with their noises and their ground-rumblingness, and she didn’t bat an eyelash. At the barn, to get to any trails, you have to ride across a road where trucks speed by. I’m definitely more confident with my ability to take her out on trails now, and to just ride her without an arena in general.

It was a good day, and while I expected to be disappointed about our lack of placing, I was just so proud of her for trying and doing her absolute best. I don’t need ribbons to make me happy and make me feels like I have a reason for riding, I have an amazing horse to do that.

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