I actually had time to exercise my right brain this evening.

14 Sep

I made a dream catcher from deer antlers. They came from my best friend’s house (her parents hunt; their deer chili is delicious!) and I was super excited when her parents gave them to me. I saw a deer antler dream catcher online for about $50. Mine cost a grand total of $0.30 for the embroidery floss; after I got the antlers, I had everything else in my dorm room from other projects and random trips.

I absolutely love this thing. Deer antlers, leather scraps, embroidery floss, feathers, and about two and a half hours went into this piece of artwork. The leather scraps came from a store in Cherokee that sold other things made from animal hides, and instead of letting the scraps go to waste, they sold them pretty cheap. I’m 90% sure the hide on my dream catcher is actually a deer hide.

Now to find a place to put it…

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