International Union of Mail Artists

29 Sep

Have you heard of it? It is fantastic. You create art and mail it – as is – to others all over the world. It’s an excellent way to exercise your right brain without your own art piling up; you can share it with so many people who simply love art.

This is some of the art I’ve received so far. I’m not quick at getting it out right now, my school work does come first, but I do my best to send it out to my friends on IUOMA as quickly as possible.

I love getting to see what other people do, and I love how each and every piece is unique. It’s one of my favorite things about art – it reflects a person’s personality.

Some of the works are two sided, others are just like postcards. And honestly, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

I’ve tried a couple different art forms, from hand making dream catchers to send out, to creating collages, and while I forgot to take pictures of most of what I’ve sent out, I did take one of my two most recent collages. I adore the butterfly one, and before these two, I made one with a shark accent. It was quite quirky; I really enjoyed it.

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