Favorite Fall/Winter Fashion Accessory?

15 Oct

Scarves!I absolutely adore my scarves. I have an array of scarves in my closet as we speak (okay, so I only have five, but that’s about to change!) and I love every single one of them, from my Hogwarts scarf I got in Universal Studios last Christmas to my candy dots scarf my mom’s friend crocheted for me, I think they are fantastic and I love cooler weather when I can wear them.

My mom’s friend made this just for me – without a pattern!

They keep you warm, they’re super cute, and they speak loads of your personality. They’re also so easy to find ones to match your own personal style! Not to mention, that over fall break my mom taught me how to knit, and I’m currently working on two different scarves, and I can’t wait to do more.

I have mostly winter scarves, but I have one that’s a spring-ish scarf with big, pastel, vintage looking flowers on it, and I have a 1970’s scarf that’s perfect for fall – at first glance it looks like it has navy polka dots, but when you look closer, you realize that they’re actually leaves!

What’s your favorite thing about scarves? Your favorite scarf? Do you make your own? Where do  you get them? Do you share my love for them, or are they just something that makes the cold weather more bearable?

A small collection of the scarves I like on Polyvore.

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