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Colder Weather

17 Nov
Colder Weather

Atlanta Bully Rescue – Rescuing “Bully Breeds” and Aborting Puppies?

16 Nov

Their newest addition, Sprinkles, was spayed recently and they were “surprised” to find out she was pregnant. I sent them a private message on Facebook, and this is their reply:






This dog was, according to the Atlanta Bully Rescue, a breeder in her past life, so another litter of puppies would not have harmed her. I also know a dog who was diagnosed with depression after having this same thing happen to her. Best for their health? I don’t think so. Yes, there are plenty of dogs euthanized in shelters, but that does not give ANYONE the right to prevent them from making it into this world.

So even if their dogs are pregnant, they will still have them removed from the mother and killed. How is this any different than an abortion? The babies are removed from the mother before birth, before the age of viability, and are therefore killed.

Am I the only one who sees anything wrong with this?

Plus Size Fall Trends

8 Nov

Have you seen the some of the amazing trends this fall? If you’re plus sized, like I am, you might be drooling over what you’re seeing around you…and yet you are unable to find it to fit your body. Or, if you do find it, you cringe at the price tag as you put the piece back or close out of the webpage. Trust me, I know the feeling. The other problem I’ve ran into is in some stores, plus sizes start at size 14, or even 12, while at others, size 20 and up is considered plus size. I’ve also noticed that in some places, the clothing offered for those who are plus sized is very different than the options available for other sizes. Some stores are notorious for that, and, its frustrating. I’m here to show a few of my favorite fall trends as well as share a few different items I found. Oh, and unless it’s otherwise stated, everything in this post is under $45 (at the time of posting).

Chunky/Knit Sweaters

Long-Sleeve Ribbed Envelope Neck Sweater from Macy’s

I know, these are everywhere! I’ve seen the predictions for this winter, and if it isn’t going to be colder than average, it’s going to be snowier than average. After last winter, it wouldn’t surprise me! From short sleeved sweaters to sweater dresses, there is a variety for every woman. I love a classy, charcoal gray sweater because there is just so much you can do with one – a bold patterned scarf, color blocked nails, bright shoes, statement jewelry…the possibilities are endless.

Short-Sleeve Cable Sweater Dress from Macy’s

I have also recently became a fan of the sweater dress. No, I don’t mean a longer sweater that is worn over tights, I mean a true sweater dress. I don’t want to see your rear, girls. Pair one with leggings like these, and you have a simple yet sexy style. I mean, let’s face it; what man doesn’t think lace is sexy? You also have a very versatile outfit this way. A pair of flats would go well for class (or work, I think in terms of class because I’m a full time college student) and you could easily dress it up with a cute pair of heels (bootie heels, anyone?).

Tall Boots

Don’t be afraid to rock these, curvy ladies!

Sidney Tall Lace Back Boot from Avenue

I have seen so many sites say that tall boots over jeans are meant for “skinny minnies” and that is not true. We do, unfortunately have to pay a little more for a wide width calf (trust me, it took me three weeks to find a pair) but for a comfortable boot it is well worth it. Learn from my mistakes – measure your calf and add about half of an inch for comfort. Don’t forget to search for wide width! The boot I posted here is the one I purchased for the full $74 from Avenue – right now it is on sale for $44.50. They’re super comfortable and look adorable with knitted boot cuffs for added warmth. Worried about boot cuffs being too small for your calves? I purchased mine from Earth Bound Knits on Etsy and they are guaranteed to fit or she will make you a larger pair for no cost. Want leg warmers instead of just boot cuffs? She sells them, too, along with patterns if you know how to knit. I recently learned, and I made a pair of cuffs (my own pattern) in under two hours.


Waffle Knit Cardigan from Forever 21

Oh my, where to start? My cardigans are probably one of my favorite fall pieces that I have hanging in my closet. Why? I can transform my t-shirts, and even some tanks tops, into a cute, fall appropriate outfit simply by pulling on a cardigan over top of them. Just like with sweaters, I do suggest a plain gray cardigan, even with some simple details (like girly ruffles) because it goes with so much, but don’t be afraid to step out and do something bold!

Long-Sleeve Chenille Cardigan Sweater from Target

My best friend has a pumpkin-orange cardigan that she looks amazing in, and she pairs it with a brown floral tank top and the cutest brown flats. A wide stripe cardigan also looks nice, and don’t forget to add a dressier one in your closet just in case! A dressy cardigan would look great at an office Christmas party paired with cute heels or flats – fashionable, and that perfect balance of not too dressed up, but not too casual. I don’t know about you, but I hate showing up overdressed (or under-dressed) for anything.

White Lace Under Leather

I ‘Heart’ Ronson Sleeveless Lace Dress from JC Penny

Take your cute,  white lace summery dress and pull a leather jacket. As I mentioned earlier, lace is sexy, and lace plus a leather jacket is jaw-dropping sexy. It’s like bad-ass meets girly-girl and becomes one delicious concoction. Don’t love white on yourself? Try a very pale cream color, it’ll give you just enough color and be just as gorgeous as white. A biker style jacket or a bomber jacket would work incredibly well with this style. Pair it with chunky, black bootie heels or knee high boots, or super feminine nude flats to really compliment the look. I personally think that the daintier the lace, the better this look plays out. A simple, black belt along the waistline would accent an hourglass figure nicely. If its really chilly, pair black tights or leggings with your black shoes to add a bit of warmth.

Black Long Night Out Jacket from

Another option for this look would to use brown accents (boots, jacket, etc.) instead of black. It would be less of a dramatic contrast, but a light nude dress would compliment the brown nicely. I have seen a few other modifications to this look: one with a pair of bright colored flats (turquoise I believe), and the other with a red lace dress. express yourself! Put a pop of your favorite color in a style like this. Or, use what’s already in your closet so you don’t have to buy both pieces. If you’re on a tight budget, like I am, that is a wonderful solution.

Fingerless Gloves

Mittens? I’m not sure how to tell when they’re fingerless. I guess it depends on the style. Anyways, your hands stay warm, but your fingers are still free to text, play piano, make shadow puppets, what have you. And they show off you’re awesome new manicure. They come in an endless supply of colors, materials, designs…the possibilities are endless. My personal favorites are the ones at the

Crochet Owl Fingerless Gloves by Makings of Shanna Tice

left – aren’t they adorable?! Not everyone has owl hands, you know. Shanna also mentions that she can customize these little cuties for you with a variety of colors, and they come in different sizes – uncommon when it comes to gloves. Owls not your type? She also offers gorgeous, elegant fingerless options. Makes me wish I knew how to crochet!

Show Off Who YOU Are

Don’t listen to those who say you don’t have the body type to wear a certain style. If you like it, do it. Flatter yourself. Buy clothes in your size – don’t try to fit into clothes that are two sizes too small just to say you’re smaller. Confidence is more flattering that a smaller size. Do that crazy nail art that you’ve been dying to try. Stop hiding those curves. Rock that shorter hemline. You can do it. Just because you aren’t what society considers “ideal” doesn’t mean that you aren’t beautiful in your own way.

A Few More Cool Weather Tips

Keep your lips moisturized! Chapped lips are such a pain, and there’s pretty inexpensive ways to take care of them. Vaseline sells lip therapy for  98 cents, but you can purchase a small tub of vaseline for about $2, and if you purchase a few small lip balm containers, you can make your own balm. Add in a few drops of essential oils for a yummy smell, or add in powdered cherry kool aid (without sugar!) for a tinted look.

It’s not just your lips that need love, either. I don’t know about you, but just being outside whenever its this dry and cool out makes all of my skin dry out. Keep your entire body moisturized. Lotion after a shower will definitely help, and  you may want to start using moisturizer on your face twice a day instead of once, depending on your skin type.

From about mid-October to about the end of March, I drink endless amounts of coffee and hot tea. These delicious, hot, caffeinated beverages stain teeth, and I don’t enjoy spending $45+ on teeth whitening strips from the store. Try purchasing baking soda and some hydrogen peroxide, and once a day, mix up a small, pasty concoction. Use your toothbrush and brush your teeth with it for about one minute, and continue doing this daily until you reach the results you want. Much less expensive, and much less annoying!

Enjoy your cooler weather days! This is probably one of my favorite fashion time of the year.