My Story

My name is Emily, I’m twenty years old and I am currently studying pre-veterinarian medicine at a small school in Kentucky; I have five and a half years left and I plan on specializing in equine medicine. I have been taking horseback riding lessons for fifteen years, and I have owned my own registered Quarter Horse mare for six after leasing everything from a bratty grade pony to a crazy registered Appaloosa (that looked like a paint) for four years. My mare is my four-legged love of my life. I am engaged to the two-legged love of my life, and we’re raising his one year old niece; I can’t wait to get married, which is an odd thing for me to say, because before I met him, I wanted nothing to do with large white dresses, diamond rings and that seven letter word that begins with “for” and ends in “ever”. I don’t have a lot of friends, but I have the single most amazing best friend anyone could ask for, and a couple very close friends. Along with my horse, I have a four year old ten-cent feeder goldfish, a three year old hermit crab, a betta fish, and triops (Google them, they’re awesome). I’m a pisces, like Michaelangelo Buonarroti, and I fit the description pretty well – I’m intuitive, creative and insecure. I love singing on road trips (long or short), creating crafty things (I sew, I paint, I sketch, just to name a few. None all too well. Actually, I sew fairly well…), taking photographs (I have an amazing Sony a300 DSLR that I adore), studying biology (yes, I do actually enjoy this), reading (I’m a big time bookwork), and spending way too much time on social networking sites. I like tattoos, I have four, and I’m rather opinionated,

Take Flight is my take on life (prendono il volo is Italian for take flight). The day I started this blog was exactly one month before my twenty-first birthday, and I want to record my life experiences in words, photographs, what have you. I can update from my BlackBerry, my iPod, my Kindle 4, or my laptop, so you can imagine that I’ll be doing my best to update frequently. Along with my interesting and funny life experiences I may have and my photography, I will have tutorials of some of the crafty things I do, book and music reviews, outfits designed by yours truly via Polyvore, and so forth. I like to think this is going to be a blog worth following, and I hope you who is reading this thinks so, too.

You can also find me on…
Tumblr: Change a Point of View
Twitter: @EmilyEl1sabeth
Polyvore: OrdinaryEffect
Flickr: OrdinaryEffect
Visit my photography website
Facebook: Ask to Add


One Response to “My Story”

  1. dribblingpensioner February 19, 2012 at 2:55 pm #

    Emily thanks for subscring and i will do likewise for you, also i will call back again.


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