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Goodbye, 2012

31 Dec

In honor of the new year, I decided that I would reflect back on 2012 and come up with twelve awesome things that I did in this pastyear.

  1. I had my first, full time, all summer job. And I was asked to come back next summer!
  2. I renewed my American Quarter Horse Association membership and joined their RIDE program. Log hours, get prizes. It’s like showing, but you don’t have to leave the trail!
  3. I visited the Outer Banks for the first time and got involved with the Corolla Wild Horse Fund. Awesome fund for an awesome cause.
  4. I learned how to knit! Yes, I consider this awesome. I learned about three months ago, and I’m completely hooked.
  5. I spent Christmas at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida with my parents. That was pretty awesome.
  6. I had an awesome fall semester – a B in comparative vertebrate anatomy? I’ll take it!
  7. I kept a memory jar this year. While I forgot to bring it home to add more to, and to dump it out this evening to look over everything I did this year, it was really neat to see it fill up and be able to just glance through what I did and remember the little things.
  8. Mom (re)taught me to make Potato Candy! If you haven’t tried it, it’s really fun and it only takes one small potato, two pounds of powdered sugar, and peanut butter.
  9. I downloaded Adobe Photoshop again and I’ve been working on some awesome edits. It might not be much, but I do pride myself in my graphic design.
  10. I’ve become more comfortable with “who I am”. I think that’s a good thing, yes?
  11. This may seem silly, but I bought Christmas presents with my own money this year. Sure, I did it over the summer when I had money from my summer job coming it, but I did it. I’m quite proud of that.
  12. I turned 21. I think that’s a big accomplishment.

Thirteen New Years Resolutions

  1. Ride my horse more! The only rides you regret are the ones you miss. Sure, I’m not home a lot, but I want to make the most out of every moment I’m at the barn. Four to five times a week, please.
  2. Get healthy. No, I don’t want to lose x amount of pounds, but I want to eat a balanced, healthy diet, and cut out a lot of pop. I’m going to be out in the “real world” soon, and I don’t see getting healthy hurting me any.
  3. Learn to cable stitch for my knitting. I can do a lot with cable stitching!
  4. On the same subject, I’d like to knit an afghan.
  5. Get a 3.0 this upcoming semester. With microbiology, parisitology, chemistry II, and research design and statistics II, this is going to be an interesting semester.
  6. Do more photography. I haven’t done much lately, and I want to do more.
  7. Study for the VCAT/MCAT and GRE. I have the books, I just need to actually read them.
  8. Spend less time on the computer. That seems to be my biggest habit…
  9. Procrastinate less. On everything.
  10. Finish my community service hours. I need so many to graduate, and I’d like to finish those up this summer.
  11. Support local shops (instead of chains) as much as possible.
  12. Stay organized for class! I can usually do this for, oh, six weeks, and come finals I’m a mess. I’d like to stay organized so finals aren’t so stressful.
  13. Unplug cords I’m not using, shut off the lights when I’m not in the room, and so forth. Save the planet a little at a time!

What have you accomplished this past year? What are your resolutions?